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geez, we're almost getting as much tv time as joe the plumber... i saw that dude on tv yesterday three times -- and i thought he gave his concession speech??? -- anyway, 'world can't have her' -- from our new disc, 'havent slept all year' -- is gonna be featured on that hbo show 'entourage' .... nov 23, the season finale! -- the scene is pretty hot, but we're not allowed to disclose what happens in the episode because its the last one of the season.. -- we were forced to sign papers saying, among other things: 'we will not reveal any details about the show, the plot, the song or cobra verde involvement with 'entourage' or hbo'

but we can say this: 'whoa, it's really, really hot'...grrrr

cobra verde - entourage hit - world can't have her

New Cobra Verde studio album 'Haven't Slept All Year' available now!

click here to purchase CD

cobra verde haven't slept all year

Our new album -- "Haven't Slept All Year" (out oct 28) -- gets its WORLD PREMIER on OCT 15 at 10 p.m. The FX show "Sons of Anarchy" will feature "Riot in the Foodcourt" -- woohoo! It's a show about motorcycle clubs, which has Mark and Frank excited. Mark used to ride em and Frank just got a Big Wheel. The scene focuses on a boxer, which is new terrain for CV. When it comes to TV shows, we've played second fiddle to carnival rides and birthday parties and zebras mating, even a "hot" sex scene between humanz (they needed a really long, lusty tune for that one, yikes), but never something like this. Oh yeah, the CV Rock Action is also gonna be on the HBO vampire show "True Blood" this Sunday. Ed and Tim are so stoked about it that they bought plastic fangs.... and they've been wearing em for three days now.... pretty funny, i guess.... john .

We’re doing a ROCK N ROLL CIRCUS on OCT 25, 2008 to mark the release of our new disc, "Haven’t Slept All Year" (out Oct 28). Step right up to the Beachland Ballroom, 15711 Waterloo Rd., Cleveland, and watch burlesque performers, fire eaters, dancers jugglers and, yep, The Cobra Verde Freak Show, in total rock action!!!! We'll be joined by all kinds of special guests, inc. the totally cool RUBBER CITY BOMBSHELLS, meow! FREE PEANUTS!!! FREE DRINKS!!! FREE ADMISSION!!!

Cobra Verde's hit 'Play With Fire' featured on the new HBO hit series 'True Blood' is available on iTunes!

click here to download

Cobra Verde - Copycat Killers - Play With Fire

** New Photos Updated - Oct 2008 - click here
cobra verde haven't slept all year cobra verde haven't slept all year

Past news --

St. Patrick's Day 2008 show, Saturday night at Cleveland's Garage Bar. 1859 W 25th St. We'll be rocking some new songs, some old tracks we haven't played in ages and some hot covers, from Blondie to Van Halen. Call 216-696-7772 for more info.

What is CV up to these days, you ask? We're back in the studio, working on a CD of all original tunes! Updates to follow ...
More "The OC" News!
The new Cobra Verde smash hit single "Waiting for a Girl Like You" featured on the March 16th episode of "The OC" is now available on iTunes!
Hear the song that got all of the babes on "The OC" set all hot and bothered. I feel bad pointing this out - but even Seth and Summer's dog 'Penny Lane' was starting to get a little frisky after he heard us play the hit a few times during rehearsal, eventually 'falling for' Ed's leg. Or maybe the poor little pooch was just upset that John had mistakenly put on HIS dog collar for the shoot.

click here to purchase.
3/16/06: Check out the diary of our trip to The OC!

3/1/06: Big CV news!!! Yes, the rumors are true. Cobra Verde is heading to "The OC." See us on the March 16 episode at 9 p.m. on Fox. (This date has been moved up from original March 23 air date.) What's it about? Well, we can't tell you that yet. But we just got back from the supersecret filming in LA and we can promise it's going to be fun. Read John's behind-the-scenes account of the filming here.

Check out our new MySpace page: www.myspace.com/cobraverdemusic Cobra Verde to add personality and class to, yep, that show...."THE OC"!!! On Sept. 15, "THE OC" will feature "Get the Party Started," off our new disc "COPYCAT KILLERS." Those OC people wanted something "hot" and "snazzy" to "make the show more exciting" ... within minutes the phone rang and they demanded some CV action!!! What's next: Seth and Summer go wilding in high school and smoke pot and get all horny in the janitor's closet? Probably not... we were turned down when we offered write a scene to go with the song. (Mark even offered to break out his jump suit and mop and play the janitor!) But, hey, at least they're using some CV ACTION!!! ....SEPT 15!!! THE OC!!! CV ACTION!!!

Aug. 25 Rolling Stone magazine raves about CV's new "Copycat Killers". Says writer David Fricke: It helps to know a little about Cobra Verde's roots in Cleveland underground-rock lore to appreciate the breadth of repertoire on this all-covers album. But the fun is obvious, as Cobra Verde remake Pink's "Get the Party Started" and the Fall's "The Dice Man" in their own glam-devil image and play the Troggs, Undertones and Mott the Hoople songs here like they wish they'd written them.

CV plays the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's Summer in the City concert series, 6 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 24 - outside the rock hall. FREE!!

Cobra Verde to be a headliner at Cleveland's first ever Ingenuity Festival, 5:30 p.m. Saturday, Sunday, Sept 4, in Public Squere. FREE!!

"I Want You," from CV's hot new "Copycat Killers" disc featured on the July 19th episode of hot FX Channel hit "Rescue Me." We are not allowed to divulge the specifics of the scene the song appears in, except to say that Dennis Leary, Callie Thorne and the others in "Rescue Me" wanted some hot and sexy make-out music. So they hit auto-dial and rang up the CV party hotline!

Sex Pistol Steve Jones gets into Cobra Verde, putting the band in heavy rotation on his radio show. And the OC Weekly calls the group "stuff the kids are into these days!" Read the story here: OC Weekly

Cobra Verde opens for Dinosaur Jr. at the House of Blues, Tuesday, July 19.


CV will celebrate the release of it's hot new "Copycat Killers" CD with a FREE record release party at Cleveland's Beachland Ballroom, 9 p.m. Saturday, May 14. Amps II Eleven, Lords of the Highway and Houseguest open the "Music Appreciation" party!

New Cobra Verde covers album "Copycat Killers" available now.
click here to purchase.

Click here for John's thoughts on why CV made a covers album.

  • NEW Preview ALL the songs from Copycat Killers! (MP3 Files)
    ******** In advance of its hot new "Copycat Killers" CD, CV is hitting the road with the Undertones - yes, those legendary Undertones - in April. Check the dates on our tour page.

    Just a tease. Check out the trailer for the upcoming release, Copycat Killers.

    Friday's looking rowdy when Cobra Verde gigs with the new Cowslingers spin-off, the Whiskey Daredevils, at 9 p.m. Dec. 10 at the Grog Shop in Cleveland. Johnny Psycho is also on the bill.

    Cobra Verde will rock the house as the first band ever to play the new Cleveland House of Blues club, with Cheap Trick on opening night - Friday, Nov. 19 at 7 p.m.! The hot new club is at the corners of East 4th and Euclid Avenues.

    Beg for mercy and you might hear some new tunes from our upcoming as-of-yet-unreleased new CD.

    THE new COBRA VERDE STAR-STUDDED VIDEO is hitting the airwaves as we speak. The video stars punk legend MIKE WATT as an "idle American" who wakes up to a bowl of cereal only to discover that his TV has been "hypnotized by a band of rock and roll terrorists." The video also stars comedic genius and barfly par excellance George Wendt ("Cheers") as a fly fisherman caught in a "harrowing bait and switch," and Blaxploitaion legend Rudy Ray Moore reprises his Dolemite character. Danielle, the internationally-renowned Egyptian belly dancer, plays the sultry temptress. Check it out here

    More new news! CV just finished up doing voice-overs for Little Steven's "Underground Garage" syndicated radio show. You see, LS is going to be airing CV rock action and he wanted some hot spiel for the show.

    CV gets rave review in Skyscraper. Read this and more in our Articles & Reviews section.

    Cobra Verde voted best Cleveland band of 2003 by Scene magazine. Here's what they said: Heavy-breathing Cobra Verde is enjoying the best year of its career, having won love everywhere from Playboy to The New York Times. The band also released a standout third LP called Easy Listening. All rhythmic hip-shake and guitar bombast, with lusty, literate lyrics, it's one of the finest rock records ever to come from Cleveland.

    We also try out our modeling skills in the Scene Sept. 18 issue. Check out CV partying with drag queens, working at a movie theater and trying out an electric chair!

    The Village Voice raves about "Easy Listening" in its Aug. 20. issue!

    The CV show is the place to be, according to the New York Times, Village Voice, Chicago Tribune, New York magazine, and even the New York Post! Read what they had to say, and more, on our Articles & Reviews page.

    John justifies his existence and talks about "Easy Listening" on The Onion.

    Our new "Easy Listening" CD should be in all stores by May 6. You can also buy it on online. Visit our merchandise page to order your copy of the new LP. New "bunny" design T-shirts also available!

    The snazzy reviews keep coming. Abercrombie & Fitch Quarterly even called us "really amazing wordsmiths" and "absolutely priceless" - we never thought we'd be in a fashion magazine!

    Here's a peek at some other reviews (many more inside):
    "This third album from the Cleveland-based quartet features a brilliant mix of '70s glam, post-punk, heavy pop and balls-out rock. "Easy Listening" flies out of the speakers and places a firm foot on the throat, holding it there for the duration of this sonic hoedown." -- FHM, May 2003

    "Passionate post-glam indie-rock expressly for punks who like a little glitter in the gutter."-- Blender, May 2003

    And "Playboy," at the behest of Hugh Hefner himself, is even drooling over the record. So far, our favorite response: "A story of social protest and sexual obsession in an album that couldn't be more COBRA VERDE!"

    And what about the VIDEO for the first single, "Riot Industry"? All we can say at this point is it tells the story of a guy who tries to eat a bowl of cereal and watch TV in bliss, only to find a disruptive song shoved down his throat. Though somewhat post-modern, it's been said to contain touching moments.

    That's not all. (It never is.) What about the NEW CV Web site? Oh yeah, completely redesigned to include all sorts of things we would've never imagined:

    ***NEW band photos up so check them out!

    ***LIVE action video.

    ***A NEW behind the music "BIO/Favorite Things" page that reveals all sorts of CV secrets: Favorite drinks, bizarre phobias, last meals, quirks, credos, recollections of early formative years. Which one of us set fires in the backyard? Who was a childhood superhero known as Squirrel-Man? Which one of us was a 5th-grade prodigy? Who practiced eating as a hobby?

    Step right up, it's all inside!!

    (Need even more Cobra Verde??? Click here to visit the Cobra Verde Yahoo newsgroup!)