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Mansfield News Journal (Mansfield, OH)
April 24, 2003
Cobra Verde
Easy Listening

The indie rock set has another entry into its post-glam era of trashy-retro rockers filled with ironic messages and over-the-top guitar jams. For years, this Northeast Ohio act has been toiling in the underground, but that could change with this foursome's latest release "Easy Listening," which is by far their best offering to date. Rocking affairs such as the arena-rock friendly "Modified Frankenstein" and the popish "Here Comes Nothing" position Cobra Verde as both pertinent and reverent in new millennium terms. Having been spawned from dingy beer joints, where barflies never go home and the graffiti on the walls of art of the lowest denominator, Cobra Verde makes no apologies for the cheap whiskey, smokey haze and fist-pumping rock.

-- John Benson

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