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the new video by COBRA VERDE

"A story of social protest and sexual obsession that could only be Cobra Verde"
-- Film Talk

What happens when an "idle American" wakes up to a bowl of cereal only to discover that his TV has been hypnotized by a band of rock and roll terrorists?

Of course, it's "Riot Industry," the outlandish, provocative new video by Cobra Verde. Punk legend Mike Watt stars as the man in the flannel bathrobe. See his mind and breakfast taken over by a song and a band. He tries to surf his way out of it. But changing the dial is futile in this basic-cable-induced game of mind control.

Comedic genius and notorious barfly George Wendt ("Cheers," Michael Jackson's "Thriller") stars as the fly fisherman caught in a harrowing bait and switch. Blaxploitaion legend Rudy Ray Moore reprises his Dolemite character to keep it surreal. But that's not all: Check out Danielle, the internationally-renowned Egyptian belly dancer, as she plays the sultry temptress. And find out how notorious Hollywood punk character actor Tina B. ("Dharma and Greg") earned her bad reputation.

Written and directed by Cobra Verde. Not rated. Indiscretion is advised. Running time: 3:33. No animals were harmed in the making of this film.

  • NEW Riot Industry Video, 2003

  • Riot Industry Photographs
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      Mike Watt: See the Punk Rock legend eat a bowl of cereal and go into TVshock!

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      George Wendt: The world's most notorious barfly and fly fisherman - ever!

      * Click this image to get a larger version.
      Rudy Ray Moore: The blaxploitation legend returns as Dolemite!

      * Click this image to get a larger version.
      Danielle: The 'internationally renowned' belly dancer as the sultry temptress!

      * Click this image to get a larger version.
      Poster: Cobra Verde's 'Riot Industry' video

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